Djembe Drum Lessons

...bring your curiosity and a sense of play.

Live drum lessons with Romero Wyatt

Drumming with others is fun and everyone has rhythm! Come and experience the healing vibrations of the drum. In this class we will explore several types of rhythms that you can play individually or blend with other rhythms in a group. You will discover simple techniques to strengthen your awareness and ability to express your own inner creative rhythms. Djembe drums (and Dun Duns) will be used in the class.

Romero Wyatt

Your instructor will be Romero Wyatt. Romero has studied with master drummers from around the world and has been playing for over 40 years. He has an intuitive teaching style that brings out the best in his students. Romero teaches a unique blend of African and Afro-Cuban rhythms that stem from years of accompanying African dancers, his studies of conga drums, percussion, and bata, and many years in theater productions and jazz ensembles. Romero’s joyous rhythms are infectious and his teaching style creates a fun learning environment that enables his students to achieve their full creative potential.

Beginners are welcome!

Join us in a rhythmic journey of rhythm and mindfulness through drumming with mindfulness-certified, world percussion instructor and recording artist Romero Wyatt.

Send a text to Romero Wyatt (240-463-0018) to try out a drum class or for questions and more information.

Have fun and experience the vibrations of the drum – healing the body, mind, and spirit as you join with others in this journey of rhythm and connection through the beat of the drum.

8 Sessions       $146.00
Class meets on Tuesday nights from 7 – 8:15 in Kensington, Maryland

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